Mash Networks

Turnkey Internet TV solution provider, Mash Networks' continuing success was coming at a price. It's original website was quickly being outgrown and new needs were arising. Where once everything was separated and sites within the Mash Network realm couldn't talk to each other, Digital Capstone stepped in to unify the networks.

The goal of the project was to make all the web properties of Mash Networks work together and under one roof, or CMS. Digital Capstone came up with the solution for not only dynamic content, but also dynamic designed websites.

The process allowed all the Mash Networks sites to run off the same code, however it could change its design on the fly. All content is contained in a single CMS where it can be assigned to multiple sites.

Finally, the hundreds of thousands of Mash subscribers needed to be joined together into a single "passport" system. This proved the ability for the subscribers to have a single login and access all the Mash Network properties.

The end result was a custom CMS that would handle all the future growth for Mash Networks, its clients and its subscribers. A single location for easy management of all its websites, the ability for easy future upgrades and better statistical information on subscriber usage.